Water Tanks

Irrigation Water Storage Tanks Made Of Brickwork.
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Curved Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block Press can beused in making curved or angled blocks that are used in construction of round water tanks. When a block is compressed it looses 30% of its volume and stabilizes as it dries.
The curved ISSB is custom made to requirements ranging from 1.5m to 5m diameter of circular tanks. The standard size, however, is 3 meters diameter (tanks). After testing your soil, preferably in multiple locations, you will have an soil mix that is about 75% sand and at least 10% clay and less than 35% clay, by volume. The amount of cement needed will be relational to how close you are to this ideal, ranging from 3-5% to 10%
Compressed soil blocks are building blocks formed from stabilized or un-stabilized compressed soil. The compression ranges from several hundred pounds total, to several tons. Because of the great gains in durability un-stabilized blocks are only used where nothing is available to stabilize the blocks. In addition to stabilization, the soil the blocks are to be made from is calibrated for durability, workability, and survivability.

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